Gathered on the dining table (sitting around it to be true), and as Edgar da housecat as witness, hereby is proclamed the Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix's Libertarians, a tongue-in-cheek-stateless micronation. For its proper functioning, we write this Constitution.

    Chapter I: Location, location, location

  1. The Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix's Libertarians (henceforth BRoCOLi) is located wherever it is Can Orlantrix (somewhat Orlantrix's Place would be the translation from Catalan), that is, wherever Örlanditooo and Arnauh (the artist formerly known as Arnatrix) live, in any point of the time-space and/or any universe, present or parallel.
  2. Chapter II: Nationality, nationalization, languages and religion

  3. The inhabitants of the BRoCOLi are three: Örlanditooo, Arnauh and Edgar da housecat.
    1. The inhabitants of the BRoCOLi are not given any particular gentilic. For now.
  4. BRoCOLi's nationality is exclusively acquired by birth right and following the mother side.
  5. The official languages are any of them which suits the inhabitants to communicate between them. For now the list includes Catalan, Spanish, English, French and a bit of Italian.
  6. Official religions in the BRoCOLi are Crypto-Paganism and Jediism.
    1. The BRoCOLi accepts and recognises any pagan religious practice, being it true or not, within its boundaries.
  7. The BRoCOLi reserves to deny entrance into its boundaries to any river pirate, fanatical, fundamentalist and/or proselyte of any of the Three Monotheistic Religions from The Book Of The One And Only True Faith, last but not least, pope Darth Benedictus 1.6.
  8. Chapter III: Calendar

  9. It is declared nation's feast and Independence Day the 19th of September, also known as the International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
    1. Drinks all around!! ARRR!!!
  10. Besides the former Arrrrticle, hereby are declared these national holidays:
    • January 1st: New Year's
    • January 2nd: Procrastinator's Day (viciously stolen from the Aerican Empire's calendar)
    • February 29th: [How Not To Be Seen Day]
    • March 17th: Saint Patrick's
    • Spring Equinox (Persefone Day)
    • April 5th: Arrrrnauh's birthday
    • April 23th: E-book Day
    • May 25th: Towel Day
    • Around June 20th: Summer Solstice
    • July 27th: Mortgage Day
    • August 1st: (End of)Diaspora Day
    • August 20th: Örlanditooo's birthday
    • September 1st: Sushi From Hell Day
    • September 19th: Independence Day and International Talk Like a Pirate Day
    • Autumn Equinox (Hades Day)
    • October 12th: Animal Freedom Day (Day of the Spanish Legion's Goat)
    • October 21st: Maa Durga Day
    • November 21st: Day when Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!
    • Around December 23rd: Winter Solstice (aka Sol Invictus aka Mitra's Day)
  11. The inhabitants of the BRoCOLi may add or remove any day from/into the calendar in an arbitrary way at any moment. To be specific, a Catpain Jack SpARRRRow is to be added to it soon.
  12. Chapter IV: Iconography

  13. The BRoCOLi's flag is an adaptation from thath one from John 'Calico Jack' Rackham, a well known Caribbean pirate who liveth in XVII and XVIII centuries and served as inspiration for the character "Rackham the Red" in a pair of Tintin's adventures.
    1. Specifically, the flag of the BRoCOLi is designed as follows: In black background, a skull over two crossed swords and a sand-watch.
  14. The BRoCOLi's motto, lacking any better for now, is as follows: ARRR!! et mon droit
    1. The current motto does not carry any demand, reclaim nor pretending to the throne of England... for now...
  15. The flag and the motto can be changed at any time if the inhabitants of the BRoCOLi decide that.
  16. Chapter V: International Treaties and Information Technology

  17. The BRoCOLi promotes the use of Free Software within and outside its boundaries.
    1. Anyway, the BRoCOLi applies the saying "Anyone is free to kill themselves as they most enjoy" to the latter article, making it clear that anyone is free to use those tools which most suits them, including the BRoCOLi.
  18. The BRoCOLi refuses any international treaty which cuts people's rights.
    1. The BRoCOLi will never sign the Anti Counterfeiting Treaty Agreement, as known as ACTA, nor any of its derivations.
    2. The BRoCOLi refuses the DMCA and any of its derivative.
    3. The BRoCOLi is against any rights restriction as the DRM and any derivative.
    4. The BRoCOLi will ever defend net neutrality.
  19. The BRoCOLi will sign any convenient international treaty for its own profit with any nation, micronation, microstate, et cetera, whatsoever.
  20. In the moment of its own proclamation, the BRoCOLi decides to extend a collection of Acts of Recognition of some determined existing micronations and microstates, be they in any Forth, Fifth, Sixth or Seventh Worlds. Those Acts will be published some day from today.