The Banana Republic of Can Orlantrix's Libertarians was founded on the September 19th 2010 on occasion of the International Talk Like A Pirate Day.


After meeting each other while chatting on a spanish IRC channel, Arnau and Meri (whose nicknames were Arnatrix and Örlandooo by the time, both descendants of anusim sephardic jews after 1492), started dating in early 2001 after being in an e-relationship for months, situation that kicks some asses for the nowadays 'innovations' as Meetic and such (screw you, lamers!!). While Arnau was living yet with his parents, Meri had been living with her cat Edgar and a friend in Barcelona.

He was going there to spend the weekends, with his companion: his own hand-assembled desktop computer (including the monitor, keyboard and all stuff) whose name was decided to be "Traveller".

In February 2003, they both decided to step up and go to live together to Granollers (some 30km north-west of Barcelona), where Meri had moved recently.

After some preliminary failed attempts by them to buy property in the area, the owner of the flat where they were living decided to sell it to a gay couple, so Arnau and Meri, following the long tradition of their ancestors, had to depart to somewhere else.

They ended up going to Esplugues de Llobregat, in the vicinity of Barcelona, entering the flat, property of his grandpa, on the August 1st 2004.


Ye Olde Picture The first time in History where the term Can Orlantrix appears. / Pencil on paper (circa 2004)

Arnau's interest for micro-nations started then, discovering the Sultanate of Occusi-Ambeno (of which an article written by him was the source for the spanish wikipedia entry on the Sultanate), the Republic of Minerva and other philatelic micro-states. It was there when Meri depicted the first known image of Can Orlantrix, then a state of mind. Can Orlantrix was then a mental image according to which wherever they were, there will be their wanted home.

4 peaceful years later, in November 2008, they decided to move to Madrid, where they lived for some 7 months.

After that time, they decided to go back to Barcelona, but there was no place to go to, as their old home was then taken by some cousin of him, so they asked for asylum to some friends who had a really big kick-ass country-house, built in 1475.

They established and dwelt there from late May-June until November 2009, when they had to depart due to Arnau's recovery of his old job, and to cold (it is bloody cold there in winter, you know). Then they went to live with his parents while looking for a place of their own, which they found in Molins de Rei (some 15 km south from Barcelona) in late february 2010.

Once they moved, again, to their new small place, they rested their brains for a time. Then, after seeing a picture of a big house in some real estate agency, went to see it and began planning. This second try resulted again in a fiasco, as the house needed so much repair and isolation (bitchy cold place).

Months later, they found another advertisement. That one seemed to be much more feasible, so they both went for it. After a fail from the estate agency to be able to sign late in June, all parties agreed to meet again one month later to proceed to the signature, which mas brought into effect finally on July 27th 2010.

After the mortgage signature, the practical take of the new home was done in August 1st 2010, with the inestimable help of the same friends who, after having provided asylum more than a year before, now joined to help moving almost all the scattered belongings of the new happy proprietors, disseminated in 4 different houses and warehouses in a radius of 100 km.

Enter the BRoCOLi


Ye Olde Picture, digital remastering to commemorate the first week of the BRoCOLi / Pixel on screen. (2010)

Following the acquiring of a flat by its two founders, Meri Rosés and Arnau Fuentes, it was decided to declare a Banana Republic, bringing a formal end to years of wandering from place to place across the geography of Catalonia, Spain and the Internet.

On the occasion of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19th 2010, Arnau was having the first coffee... and proposed the creation of a Banana Republic in order to have some jolly laughs.

Once she nodded, Arnau began the redaction of the first Constitution and the calendar of national feasts and holidays.

To commemorate the first week of existence, Örlandooo unveiled the restoration of The-Old-Picture, now in full colour and digitally remastered.